Siddharth Parmar

Frontend Fanatic

Zalando 2018 Oct - Present
Software Engineer III 2018 Nov - Present

Codebar is a non-profit initiative that facilitates the growth of a diverse tech community by running regular programming workshops.

ClearTax 2016 Nov - 2018 July
Frontend Engineer

Architected and implemented the UI for a large-scale invoicing solution from scratch, targeted at Enterprises. In my second year at ClearTax, I matured as a leader and became responsible for hiring and mentoring developers.
Technologies used: React, Redux, Sass, Jest, Enzyme, Node, Nightwatch, Webpack

Wikimedia Foundation 2016 June - 2018 Aug
Contract Software Developer

Collaborating with Legal, Communications, and Engineering teams to develop and maintain the UI/UX of Transparency Report. This includes - data visualization, gathering imagery, and updating content.

CTE, BITS Goa 2016 Jan - 2016 April
Course Instructor

Taught a course on Web Development and Design to a class of 55 freshers under a student mentorship program called Center for Technical Education at BITS Pilani, Goa.

Cubical Laboratories 2015 June - 2015 Sept
Software Engineer, Intern

Developed an analytical platform for energy management from the ground up using Angular and D3. Significantly improved the usability of pre-designed UI.

Parallel Labs 2014 Dec - 2015 Feb
Software Engineer, Intern

Single-handedly developed a responsive event ticketing web platform for Explara. Worked as an equal member of 5 person team to improve Parallel Labs website.

Preseed 2014 July - 2014 Oct
Software Engineer, Intern

Led the frontend team in refactoring legacy code by instilling best practices. Optimized all webpages, made them responsive and cross-browser compatible.

Department of Creative Media 2014 Jan - 2014 Dec
Frontend Engineer

Developed websites for college fests.


JavaScript micro library to generate gradient color stops.

iTunes Remote

A web app to remotely control iTunes without Internet. Multiple clients can access the remote independently, and the UI will always be in sync. This app is built using WebSockets, AppleScript, React, and Redux.

frontend experiments

A collection of my open sourced experiments with CSS, JavaScript, and SVG

Virtual Lab Simulator

Built a web platform for students enrolled in distance learning course. The platform was an enhanced version of preexisting solutions, having interactive simulation of lab experiments to overcome the major disadvantage of distance learning courses.



I love developing minimal and intuitive UI for digital products that offer users an enjoyable experience. Most of the time you can find me fiddling around with CSS and JavaScript on CodePen or reading an article on UX design. I am also really passionate about teaching and take any opportunity I get to help mentor junior developers and share my technical expertise with them.

Besides tech, I enjoy photography and sports.


Whether you would like to talk about a project, or just say hi. Drop me a line or two, I'll be more than happy to chat.

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